Saturday, October 29, 2011

Computer Repair Bellevue Ne | Computer Repair Omaha Nebraska | Computer Repair Store Bellevue Ne

Desktop, laptops, iphones, smart phones, ipads, tablets, devices that we all have grown dependent on. AME Computer’s staff has the specialized skills abilities to repair and upgrade these personal products.s.

Serving the Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Plattsmouth, Ralston and Council Bluffs we treat each and every individual customer with individualized customer service by getting to know you by your fist name.

At AME Computers we understand that the repair of these personal products is very important because the dependence that we have on them, your data is safe your privacy is very important to us. We understand, we get it!

AME Computers offers repair and diagnostics on desktop and laptop computers. We can preform virus and malware removal upgrades and repair to operating systems.  If you live in Omaha you can enjoy the same great service as our Bellevue residents, computer repair services for Omaha.

Don't trust a geek or just anyone to come trudging through your house, and spend hours scanning your computer for viruses.If you have a desktop you don't need to bring any cables, keyboard or mouse. Just the computer.Our computer care center is equipped with state of the art diagnostic hardware and software testing equipment and tools, your data is safe and secure.
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Is your computer running slow? Are you getting pop-ups that just will not stop? Does your computer take a long time to load the desktop or load web pages, does it lock up and freeze, don't get frustrated with your computer we can repair it.
AME Computers Computer Repair Bellevue Ne, we are specialized IT professionals that will explain in detail exactly what is wrong with your computer or laptop, we can save your data and breath new life in your computer, and you will not have spend $100's of dollars, stop by or call us today to see how much money you can actually save by having us repair your computer.
Laptop screen replacement and DC Jack repair, we can also fix your laptop! Spill your drink on your laptop? Laptop slow or will not turn on? Call or stop by today we can fix that too!
Excellent customer service and satisfaction, we are your personal IT department, AME Computers offers the lowest prices possible but with the high quality in the the industry, we will beat any price on any work. our goal is to please you our customer.
Computer Repair Bellevue | Omaha Computer Repair
Check out our prices on our service detail page, will beat or match any price and still provided the highest quality customer service and guaranteed highest quality work in the industry.
Download and print our flyer bring it in to our computer care center located at 3512 Samson Way STE 204 Bellevue Nebraska and get 10% of any of our already low cost services.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Understanding the Operating System

The operating system is a software system whose job is to perform control and management of hardware and basic system operations, including run software applications such as word processing programs and web browsers.

In general, the Operating System is software on the first layer is placed on computer memory when the computer starts up. While other software is run after running the Operating System and Operating System will perform the core public service for the software. Common core services such as access to the disk, memory management, task scheduling, and user interface. So that each software no longer need to perform the core duties of the public, because it can be served and performed by the operating system. Section of code that perform the core duties and the general is called the "kernel" an Operating System.

The device operating system is an important part in running a computer device. The operating system is software that bridges between the user and the hardware used is a computer.
As for the operating system is:
- Multiuser: can be used by multiple users
- Multitasking: can perform many tasks
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Saturday, October 22, 2011


 Is a physical component which consists of a series of computer electronics and other mechanical equipment. Abtraksi top level consists of four components, namely:

1. Processors (processor)
2. Main Memory (Main Memory)
3. Input and output devices (Device I / O)
4. Interconnection between components> (user interface, device controler)
Hardware Resources (Hardware) consists of:

1. PocessingComputer components are assigned to process data and perform various commands.Processing consists of:

* The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) for computing, in the form of arithmetic and logic operations.
* The CU (Control Unit) for controlling operation of a computer system implemented.
These registers assist in the implementation and operation as the operand-operand of the operation is performed.
Control and Status Register to consist of:

1. To address and buffer registers (MAR, MBR, I / O AR, I / O BR)
2. Register for the execution of instructions (PC, IR)
3. Register for status information (PSW) contains the sign, carry zero, equal, overflow, interrupt enable / disable, supervisor.
2.  Memory
Serves a place to store data and programs.According to the order from top to bottom can be measured in terms of hierarchy:

1. Access speed
2. Relations capacity
3. Usage frequency relationship
4. Relationships Price
3. Device Input / Output

1. Mechanical component is the device itself
2. Electronic components of the control device controller chip
Controlling the device there are two kinds:

* Mover tool (Device Controller)
* Workers' tool (Device Drive)
The structure of I / O

1. I / O interrupts> I / O device excl low
2. DMA structure> I / O device excl high
DMA is divided into: Third Party and First Party DMA DMA
4. Interconnection between components

 known strains / lines (buses) are located on the mainboard, the bus consists of three kinds:

1. Address bus (address bus), one-way. 16, 20, 24 lines
2. Data bus (data bus), two-way. 8, 16, 32 lines
3. Bus control (control bus), two-way. Lines 40-10
Mechanisms Reading:Memory read command signal to the device memory to release data on the location to read data bus to the CPU. Interconnection between components forming a popular type of connectivity, among others, ISA, VESA, PCI, AGP.
Computer Concepts levelConsists of:

* Block diagram (top)
* Architecture
* Transfer register
* Series Switches
* Electronics (Lowest)

1. Rate Concept Electronics
2. Rate Concept Series Switches
3. Register Transfer Level Concept
4. Concept Level Architecture
5. Concept Level Block Diagram
2. Computer WorkComputer work at the conceptual level, among others:

* Level Block Diagram Concept
* Register Transfer Level
* Level Concept Switch

* Represents a collection of non-physical components of the program and its data structures
* The program is a set of instructions that are structured in such a way as to be able to solve certain problems as needed.
Instruction CycleThe process of instruction is done through two stages:

1. Taking instruction (Instruction Fetch)
2. Execute the instruction (Instruction excution)

* Interrupt> signal from an external device causes an interrupt is a program (Division by zero) and timer (Quantum on the Round Robin).
* Trap> Generated software interrupt caused by error or because of user demand.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Performance Motherboard

PCPartner A72D

Produk : PC Partner RD480AK9-A72D bundle w/ RX800XL 256MB GDDR3 CrossFire Edition

Data Teknis :

CPU Socket/Chipset Soket : 939 / ATI RD480 + SB450
FSB / BIOS                        : 1000 MHz / Award Phoenix 4Mbit
DIMM Slots / RAM maks.  : 4x Dual Channel DDR 400 / 4 GB
Expansion Slot / Port           : 2x PCI Express x16, 3x PCI Express x1, 5x PCI, 4x SATA, 2x IEEE 1394
Integrated Graphics             : N/A
Integrated Audio                 : Realtek ALC655 6-channel audio
Integrated LAN                  : Realtek RTL8110S Gigabit Ethernet
Paket Penjualan                  : Manual, CD driver & Utility, kabel IDE, Floppy, SATA, I/O shield
Fitur Tambahan                   : CrossFire Ready

Keunggulan/Kekurangan :

Keunggulan                         : CrossFire Ready.
Kekurangan                        : Dua slot PCIe x1 praktis tertutup, mengingat kebanyakan ukuran VGA card    Radeon X8xx yang tebal.

Gigabyte GA-8I945P PRO

Produk                    : GIGABYTE GA-8I945P Pro

Data Teknis  :
CPU Socket/Chipset                : LGA775 / Intel 945P Express + ICH7R
FSB / BIOS                             : 800/1066MHz / Award 4 MB
DIMM Slots / RAM maks.       : 4xDDR2 / 2 GB
Expansion Slot / Port                : PCI Express x16, 2xPCI Express x1, 3xPCI, 4xSATA/300, IEEE-1394a/b
Integrated Graphics : -
Integrated Audio                       : Realtek ALC882 audio codec
Integrated LAN                        : GigaRAID ITE8212 IDE RAID controller + Broadcom 5789 Gigabit Ethernet controller
Paket Penjualan                        : CD, Manual, SATA, IDE & FDD kabel
Fitur Tambahan : -
Keunggulan/Kekurangan :
Plus : Kinerja memuaskan.
Minus : -
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