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Three Reasons to Buy a Tower PC

People place a lot of importance on a computer’s portability. Laptops are prized for their small size and light weights. But smaller is not always better. Most of the time, you will find yourself paying a hefty premium for a very portable laptop that is not as powerful as its desktop counterpart. If you do not feel the need to bring your computer with you every time you go out, a laptop will not be a cost-effective purchase for you to make. Why not consider buying a large desktop computer — the tower PC — instead? Tower PCs make a fine centerpiece on any study table.
Here are some great reasons why it is better to get a tower PC instead of a regular-sized desktop computer or a laptop.

* More Space
One obvious advantage of a tower PC is its roomy interior. With a tower PC, you can install a lot of hardware inside your computer and still have room to spare for a couple more components. Depending on your motherboard, you can fit two or four video cards, two or more hard disks, a sound card, two or more optical drives, and a number of fans inside your computer case.

* More Power
With more hardware, you will have a faster and extremely powerful PC. This is especially useful for avid PC gamers and professional designers. With at least two dedicated graphics cards, multimedia applications will run smoother and faster, and you enable you to view graphics at higher resolutions. With two CD writers, you can copy files between CDs without transferring the CD files into your hard drive. With more hard disks, you can store more information and back up all of your files.

* Efficient Cooling
The tower PC also gives your computer components more room to breathe in than in the cramped quarters of a small form factor computer or a laptop. With more space, air can better circulate in between computer components and hasten the cooling process of sensitive hardware such as the CPU and video cards. Cooling is hastened all the more if you add more fans which help usher in cool air from the outside and guide hot air outside the computer case’s vents.
With a tower PC, you can enjoy all of these advantages and more! You may not have a mobile machine, but you will have a computer that is more powerful and cool.
Desktop Coupter Case Information
Size – desktop and mini-towers are very attractive but these types have limited room for expansion when you want to upgrade or add some other internal hardware. The midsize and full towers are the better choices.
Number of drive bays or expansion bays – this is where you install your hard drives, DVD-roms, CD-roms, etc… The minimum is usual three drive bays but when you go for the full tower casing, you can have as many as seven or more drive bays.
Design – it should have an aerodynamic design that provides good airflow, and the casing should be strong to ensure that the components inside are sufficiently protected and secured.
Power supply – choose the 300 watts to get your motherboard, processor and other components boosted.

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