Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Computer Desktop Tips

Four Reasons to Choose a Desktop Over a Laptop

Desktops are those bulky and heavy computers that occupy a lot of space on your desk. Laptops, on the other hand, are sleek rectangular boxes that you can bring with you wherever you go. Some people prefer using a desktop PC while some are happier with a laptop computer. Here are some reasons why it is better to get a desktop instead of a laptop.

* Cost
Regular desktop computers do no need specially-designed mini components that can be crammed into a small area. Thus, they are generally more affordable than a laptop with similar features. Portability accounts for a big chunk of a laptop’s selling price. If you have a small budget and no reason to tout your computer about, a desktop computer is a cost-effective solution for you.

* Power and Upgradeability
Many laptops have built-in components that cannot be replaced by newer and faster hardware with a different architecture. If laptop components wear down, they can only be replaced by the same components. A desktop, however, offers more room for upgrades and modifications. Depending on the size of your casing, you can experiment with various motherboards, processors, video cards, hard disk drives, and other computer hardware. Equipped with more computer components, a desktop will be capable of processing more applications than a laptop computer. If you are looking for a top performing workstation that can run the latest 3D games at high frame rates, you will want to get a desktop computer.

* Durability
Because they are often transported about, notebook computers experience more wear and tear than desktop computers. Laptop components such as screen hinges and power cords eventually wear out with gradual use. A liquid spill on the keyboard, which is a minor incident on a desktop system, can be quite disastrous for a laptop unit.
Laptops are also more prone to overheating problems than desktop computers. Because of their very small sizes, it is difficult for air to circulate and cool laptop components. Dust filtering in from outside can clog a laptop’s cooling system and render it inefficient over the years. Desktop computers parts generally have more room to breathe in and, thus, cool off faster and last longer than laptop components.

* No Battery Worries
Desktops are directly connected to a power outlet, thus, you do not have to worry that they will die out on you — unless if there is a power outage. The scenario is different for laptops. Laptop computers usually run on batteries and these batteries can only last for a couple of hours. When working on a laptop that is not directly connected to an electrical outlet, you need to keep a watchful eye over your battery levels.
If you are working with a small budget, you can get more bang for your buck with a desktop computer. You not only spend less but end up with a sturdy and powerful system that can run continuously for hours on end


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