Saturday, December 17, 2011

Computer Maintenance Tips

Three Simple Computer Maintenance Tips

Caring for your computer is an essential task if you want a machine free from errors. A well-maintained computer can service you for a long time with few problems, if any. Here are three simple things that you can do to keep your computer healthy and fit.

* Clean Your Computer
Clean your computer not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Dust and dirt can coat your computer components and cause them to overheat. They can also weigh down the blades of your computer’s internal fans and hamper the flow of air within the system, which aggravates overheating issues.
When you dust off your computer, do not forget your internal components. You can easily blow away dust and debris from inside your computer case by using a can of compressed air or a small hand-held vacuum cleaner.

* Organize Your Hard Disk Drive
Boost your computer’s performance by organizing the files on your hard disk drive and performing hard drive checks. You can do this by deleting data that you no longer need and running Window’s disk cleanup and disk defragmenter utility tools. It is advisable to defragment and check your hard drive for errors once a month.

* Back Up Your Data
Backing up your data is an integral part of computer maintenance. This is doubly important for corporate workstations and the personal computers of professionals who bring their work home. In the rare event that your computer bogs down, you will still have access to important files, especially your work files. You can back up your computer files by copying them to any of the many media for file storage available today such as external hard drives, CDs and DVDs, and USB flash drives.
There are many more things that you can do to keep your computer in tip-top condition! Take good care of your computer and it will reward you with smoother operations and a longer lifespan

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  1. Even for those whose work is not computer-related, it would be best to familiarize one's self with basic PC troubleshooting and maintenance to ensure that your units will last long. While there are virtual offices Houston that assist customers with just a phone call away, it is still good to have little knowledge as to how computers work.

  2. These are really nice and We have some more tips, i found Computer Maintenance Checklist, that is also good.

  3. Too many programs installed may be one of the reasons why your computer continues to slow down. Over time, you wouldn’t notice that your PC is already running programs way beyond its limit. If you haven’t used a program for quite a while, it’d better if you uninstalled it so that it will free up space for the more vital processes.

    Clinton Dummer

  4. The computer is a technology which has made our lives very convenient in many ways. With an internet connection, one will be able to accomplish several things while just sitting at home. However, like any other machine, a computer also requires proper maintenance as well as having the right fibre optic training so that it will last longer than expected. These tips you have given are certainly very useful. Thank you for posting his article.

  5. Really now Dianne Grover? I didn’t know that the computer is a technology, which makes our lives very convenient in many ways. Please, tell me more about fibre optic training. Anyway, I would have to agree with Clinton. Uninstalling unused programs will free your virtual memory and help keep your system running faster.

    - Benita Bolland -

  6. Backing up my data especially those that contain significant information is really important to me. You really have to do this since you’ll never know when your PC run into trouble. Better be safe than sorry, honey. :)

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