Monday, December 19, 2011

Computer Maintenance Tips

How to Clean Your Desktop Computer Keyboard

Desktop computer keyboards easily get dirty especially if many people share the same workstation. It is a good thing that cleaning a computer keyboard is a pretty straightforward task. There are two ways that you can take when cleaning your computer keyboard: You can do a light cleaning or you can do a major cleaning.
For a light cleaning, you can simply turn your keyboard upside down and gently whack it against your legs. Make sure the keyboard is disconnected from your computer when you do this. You will be surprised at the amount of foreign material that can be dislodged in this manner. To further aid in loosening foreign objects, use a can of compressed air.
You can scrub away dirt and grime stuck on keyboard keys by using a cotton swab moistened with water or isopropyl alcohol.
For a complete and thorough cleaning, you can pry off your keyboard keys using a screwdriver or other lever. Do not forget to note the position and arrangement of the keys when you do this! You can take a picture of your keyboard so you can remember where to pop back each key once you finish cleaning.
Do not force out any key if it is difficult to remove. If you have difficulty prying out the space bar, you may as well just leave it be. The space bar is generally difficult to replace and prone to breaking due to its long length.
After you remove all of the keyboard keys, use compressed air to clear out debris within the keyboard frame. Using a moist cloth, gently wipe away any remaining dirt and dust. Make sure your cleaning cloth is only damp and not wet.
After dealing with the keyboard frame, you need to clean and wipe each key individually. This makes for a tedious and very boring task. If you are feeling lazy, you can place the keys in a net bag and wash them in the washing machine.
After everything is clean and dry, reassemble your keyboard, plug it back in your computer, and resume working!

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